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Happy Halloween! [Limited-Time]

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Pizza Vs. Skeletons ($4.99), By Riverman Media LLC

Features (Via Developers):

+ 20 New levels in 2 all new chapters, 100% free!

+ 2 Additional level styles, biplane and roof hopper!

+ 6 New Secret Ingredients

+ 3 New Achievements

+ Improved graphics for iPhone 5+ and iPad 3, 4

+ Improved speed

+ Improved score a...

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PowerCam Now Free [Limited-Time]

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PowerCam™ ($1.99), by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd, is now free for limited time. This amazing camera app has tons of useful features for you to discover. There are tons of shooting modes including, panorama, time lapse, smile shots, and much more. This app takes HD pictures and videos with which you can in-app edit. Share your talents through Facebook, Instagram, and more with the soc...

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DrawRace 2 Now Free [Limited-Time]

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DrawRace 2 ($2.99), by Chillingo Ltd, is now free for limited time. This unique racing game has amazing graphics and difficult levels to race on. Instead of driving with controls, you drive by drawing your path. Race your friends and enemies with GameCenter and show everyone who's the best racer.

Features (Via Developers):

• Huge single player campaign with...

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Jump Out!™ Now Free [Limited-Time]

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Jump Out! ($0.99), is now free for limited time. This puzzle game is full of complex puzzles and levels to get you thinking. Help the bugs and creatures escape the puzzle by launching them off bottle caps. Collect all 3 stars to add a challenge to the gameplay. There are tons of features like changable controls, HD graphics, easy gameplay, and cute creatures.

Features (Via Develo...

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Swordigo and and Gravity Duck Now Free [Limited-Time]

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Swordigo, by Touch Foo

This epic adventure has HD graphics and amazing gameplay. Battle your way through enemies and bosses using sword and magic. This game has an intense storyline and tons of features including level ups, power ups, and customizable character equipment. Anyone who loves the Zelda series will love this game as well.

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Slingshot Racing Giveaway!

Posted by AppBot on October 9, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (6)

Slingshot Racing ($0.99), by Crescent Moon Games, is a racing game with a unique twist. Use your slingshot to latch on to poles to steer through the treacherous tracks. This game is really easy to learn, but takes skill to win. This game has HD graphics and catchy music that fits everyone's styles. This game is also multiplayer compatible so you can play against your GameCenter friends, o...

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Field Runners 2 Now On Sale [Limited-Time]

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Field Runners 2 ($2.99), by Subatomic Studios, LLC, is now on sale for limited time. This amazing tower defense game has HD graphics and is tons of fun. With 20 different types of weapons and many new enviroments, this tower defense game conquers all others. There are multiple game modes and tons of difficult levels that challenge even the best tower defense gamers. 

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iTranslate Voice and Blowup!! Now On Sale [Limited-Time]

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iTranslate, by Sonico GmbH

This translating app is really useful because you can translate directly from voice to voice. There are over 42 languages and translations for you to learn. Use the in-app dictionary to define words you don't know. This helps in school, work, and anywhere else you need to learn a new language.

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Quick Drafts and Quick Brightness Now Free [Limited-Time]

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Quick Drafts, by Sebastian Obentheuer

This notepad app is one of the quickest on the appstore. Manage your notes and lists with ease. This simple app will allow for quick note taking and even includes One Note and Dropbox features. 

Features (Via Developers):

- Beautiful page view: Quickly swipe through your no...

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Gravity Guy 2 Now Free [Limited-Time]

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Gravity Guy 2 ($0.99), by, is now free for limited time. This sequel to the classic Gravity Guy is filled with new features and more like new maps, new characters, and shops. This game is a bit different than the original as you can no longer flip gravity, but control the enviroment. Help Guy run for his life and save the day while collecting coins and achievements along the way.

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